D. "Most of the time this is very clear in my mind but sometimes I have many doubts ... Open source is for companies and Freesoftware is for everyone, right?"

S. "Nothing is so simple. Open source is openness. Freesoftware is freedom. Openness and freedom are two elements of the way of samurai."

D. "But open source is money and business. Freesoftware is publics goods, education, not a business way."

S. "You're right but this is not a simple opposition. Open source and Freesoftware are two face of the same coin. Open source is based on cooperation and reciprocal transfer. With this work new technologies appear and contribute to user's liberty. Freesoftware use this technologies to offer more than a simple software. it defends citizen independence. "

D. "Concretely ?"

S. "Day by day, the doubt is the base of your decision. Make tests and analysis. Develop your vision of a software in the same way if there is proprietary. "

D. "And if I made a mistake ?"

S." Golden rules off Floss are:

- You run the program freely,

- You will diffuse the software,

- You can modify it but you must redistribute it,

- You will contribute to the community,

- You do not privatize software,

- You will support associations and actions of Freesoftware.

D. "But I'm not agree about all the community said".

S. "This is positive. You're talking about the democracy. You will be honest. You will tend not to take the easy way out. Freedom ways are more hard than others. Community give you help. The community will help you. The members have the same doubts. They are sure about one thing: they are on the good way. "

D. "Thank you Sensei."

S. "Thank you too."

See you soon, Jonathan PS: If you would like to propose modifications about this post ( expression and grammar) it will be with pleasure :-)