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Free software & open source : in english in the text

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mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Discussions around open source, freedom, community and open innovation


Discussion on LinkedIn about my precedent post: Open is ok, freedom is better but community is very essential !

Open Source Discussion

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mercredi 7 septembre 2011

Open is ok, freedom is better but community is very essential !

First time I spoke with my Professor about my PhD work, I would like to compare open source with open innovation. He said "And why do you not compare open source and open Bar ?"

I think the problem are here, open source software are not only open but also collaborative with community approach.

Interoperability is the way if you want to create an open software but if you will be to create an open source software, open are not enough. Community are not so easy than open.


How could you create a community ? Why another person would like to work on your project ? What is your software value compare with another ? Would you like change the world or your business ? Many companies develop open source software but how many have a real community ?

The business open source dream: A community work for my company, promote my product and my customers pay.

The community and customers dream: Companies contribute on public software just for the fun.

A great honey moon ;-)

Open source is not only open ! Open is a fun word, very positive but that is a small part of open source. When you discuss with customers, open is important less than free. Open is essential but freedom is better and the way of success is community.

"Open is ok, freedom is better but community is very essential !"


Free or not free that is an open question

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